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Need to make a statement? Want to stand out from the rest?

Our promotional inflatables make ideal centrepieces for trade fairs, exhibitions and road shows. Use them to attract attention to your brand name and products with instant success.

Designed to be noticed no matter where they are, our attractive and colourful promotional inflatables can really make a difference in creating a long-lasting visual impact.

Towering above the crowd, GAZ inflatables reach out to the audience and provide an exciting and entertaining exposure of your product or business. They are the most effective advertising and marketing tool you can employ!



1. Traditional Funfair Stalls

A variety of stalls to choose! These stalls come with attractive colorful backdrop to specially cater for the event theme.  It will promise to provide hours of fun games for your staff and family members.

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2. Multi Racial Air Puppets

Our latest item flown in to decorate your event ground!

Watch as our multi-racial air puppets dressed in their traditional costumes dance in the wind and wave their hands to welcome your guests on that special day!

Definitely a sight not to be missed!

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3. Multi Colour Air Puppets

Our air puppets  will make your guests experience a most pleasing environment. You cannot miss these colourful men, standing at almost 30ft and adorned in vibrantly coloured outfits.

They will be dancing in the wind, as they wiggle and flash their smile to everyone they see!

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4. Multi Colour Sky Dancers

A new concept in inflatable display! These twisting, jumping and dancing tubes powered by the latest Inner Air Technology will be an attraction not to be missed!

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5. Multi Racial Mascots

Gaz presents you 4 Inflatable Mascots, simple and joyful, full of vitality and creativity, perhaps mischievous and hence lovable. Through their laughter, their lively presence, their freedom of movement and their will to cooperate and stay united.

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6. Clown Mascots

The One And Only Clown Inflatable Mascots in Town! They will mingle with both the adults and children. The Size of the Inflatable Mascots is 11’h X 5’w so they tower over everyone no matter where they go!

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7. Cash Flow Money Booth

A money grabbing game!
Participants will be invited into a booth filled with cash/coupons.

Upon activation of the machine, a unique inner air technology will blow the cash/coupons around the booth.

The participants will have to grab as much as they can within a stipulated time period.

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8. Wheel of Fortune

This is the Asian version of the wheel of fortune. Every person is born under a particular zodiac or astrological sign.

The objective of the game is for the participant to spin the wheel of fortune and if the pointer stops at his/her zodiac sign, a prize will be awarded.

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9. Inflatable Human Sphere

This gigantic ball inflates in 35 seconds with enclosed blowers and has great flexibility for your contests or promotions.

Players use their hands and feet to rotate and move the spheres from the inside. This is a great workout activity and very visual.

So come step inside this clear inflatable ball and race around pylons, sphere wrestle, timed challenges or just have fun!

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1. Lighted Balloons

For more samples click here.

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